The first effective pill against chronic insomnia arrives: “It’s really new”

Neurologist Diego García-Borreguero is one of the experts who has studied the drug the most, the first therapeutic advance in Europe in 60 years. On April 29, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorized a new active ingredient on the continent: a small triangular tablet that will be offered in two doses (25 and 50 milligrams) […]

Alcohol to sleep, but not to rest

Leading a healthy and balanced life is essential to enjoy a peaceful and comforting sleep. Bad habits can harm the quality of our hours on the mattress and especially abusing alcohol intake. According to multiple studies, having a drink before bed can make you fall asleep a little faster, but the sleep you get after […]

Nightmares: When are they considered a sleep disorder?

Since we are very young we have always wondered where nightmares come from or why we have those unpleasant dreams where we live horror adventures. Nightmares are not unique experiences of the little ones, adults can also suffer from them and they do not have to be monsters. We can have different negative experiences because […]

Night sweats: How does it affect our quality of sleep?

Sleeping well is vital for our health. That is why we must always worry about those things that prevent us from having a peaceful and continuous sleep. One of them is night sweats. If during the night you wake up sweating excessively despite having the air conditioning at a fairly low temperature, you may be […]


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