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Over the last few decades, sleep medicine has gone from being an area with some medical and scientific interest to becoming a mature discipline with solid and widely accepted scientific foundations.

In addition, given the high prevalence of sleep disorders among the population, their knowledge and mastery is of great interest in order to complement the training of certain professionals, such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists, biologists, etc.

Given the variety of pathologies that can be found under this heading, the professional dedicated to sleep medicine must necessarily have a multidisciplinary vision. For this reason, the fact of developing a complete master’s degree on sleep, which allows a broad and practical knowledge of these disorders, is a challenge that we have opted for. From the point of view of medicine, there are multiple specialties that may be involved in sleep disorders and range from neurology, pulmonology, neurophysiology, otorhinolaryngology, endocrinology, dentistry, psychiatry, endocrinology, and of course family medicine and pediatrics.

Within the training programs in different medical specialties, we find that none is exclusively dedicated to sleep medicine or “somnology”, so professionals who are dedicated to this type of pathology require additional training to obtain this multidisciplinary vision and acquire the necessary skills. . Hence the interest of our master’s degree.

Finally, in some European countries and in the USA, vocational training exams have been available for years. Since 2012, the European Sleep Research Society/ESRS has offered a degree called Certificate in Somnology, which is not only recognized by all the countries of the European Union, but is also one of the most prestigious sleep degrees in the world. . This certification can be accessed by people from all over the world and includes an exam that is held annually (

The main purpose of the Master’s is to offer solid and up-to-date theoretical-practical knowledge about sleep medicine, training the student to practice this medical discipline.

In addition, the Master will serve as preparation so that students who wish or need it can take the training exam offered by the ESRS.
Although the Master is fundamentally aimed at preparing for the European exam, its content can also be useful for other professional exams, such as the Spanish FESMES exam, or the North American ABSM.
The Master will be taught in Spanish or English, depending on the student’s preference. The study material used will be in English.


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Online Master in Sleep Medicine

It offers a solid and updated theoretical and practical knowledge on sleep medicine, enabling the student to practice this medical discipline.