Why enroll in this master and not others?


This master offers as a differential value, its professional prestige by counting on international experts in their respective fields (European and North American), as well as several authors of the European Sleep book as the teaching faculty. Among others are Prof. L. de Lecea (Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA), Prof. Dr. G.J. Lammers (Leiden University, The Netherlands), Prof. C. Espie (Oxford University, UK), Prof. Dr. Debra J. Skene (Surrey University, UK), Prof. F. Provini (Univ. De Bologna, Italy), Prof. M. Zucconi (Univ. San Rafaelle, Milan, Italy), Prof. D. Rosen, Boston’s Children Hospital, Harvard University, USA), Prof. J. Durán (Univ. del País Vasco) and Prof. A. Iranzo (Univ. de Barcelona).

The Sleep Medicine master will be supervised and directed by Dr. Gardia-Borreguero, neurologist, director of the Sleep Institute, and one of the main international experts in sleep movement disorders.

It is because of the above mentioned that this master offers, as a main added value, a maximum quality as well as the latest updates and innovations in the field of sleep medicine, all from the hands of some of the leading experts in Sleep Medicine.

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